For Tastemakers

Bindery is a bookish space to enjoy direct relationships with your most engaged community, away from social algorithms. Tastemakers with thriving communities have the opportunity to become publishers.

A Dynamic Bookshelf

Bindery’s bookshelf feature connects your social content to the books you've discussed, giving your fans a content-enriched book browsing experience that’s available nowhere else. Your shoppable bookshelf helps capture the online purchases you inspire and fuels your earnings from affiliate sales.

You Earn: 100% of all affiliate revenue

An Exclusive Community

Bindery curation communities are a space to offer your fans exclusive or extended content, community experiences, and branded merch benefits. Your subscribers pay monthly to participate in your community, so your earnings come directly from the people who love you most, rather than brand sponsorships or ads.

You Earn: 75% subscription revenue + 100% affiliate revenue

A Branded Publishing Imprint

Larger communities may be eligible to launch an imprint in partnership with Bindery. Invite your members into the creative process, elevate the voices of new authors your community loves, and earn book royalties when the books you publish hit shelves.

You Earn: 50% subscription revenue + 25% royalties on book sales + 100% affiliate revenue

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