Bindery is a membership platform like Patreon or Substack—but designed for bookish curators. Tastemakers invite core fans into an exclusive community space for access to their extended content and opportunities to participate. Unlike other membership platforms, tastemakers with large communities on Bindery, upon invite, may opt to use a portion of their earnings to fund the publication of new books by authors their community will love. Tastemakers can use their platform to make it possible for an author to get a meaningful book deal, partner with them to bring it to life, and share in the book’s success.

A Dynamic Bookshelf

A Bindery bookshelf connects your social content to the books you’ve discussed, giving your fans a content-enriched book-browsing experience that’s available nowhere else. Your shoppable bookshelf helps capture the online purchases you inspire and fuels your earnings from affiliate sales.

You Earn: 100% of affiliate revenue

Affiliate Revenue

An Exclusive Community

Bindery curation communities are a space to offer your fans exclusive or extended content, community experiences, and branded merch benefits. Your subscribers pay monthly to participate in your community, so your earnings come directly from the people who love you most rather than brand sponsorships or ads.

You Earn: 75% of subscription revenue + 100% of affiliate revenue

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An Exclusive Community

A Branded Publishing Imprint

Larger communities may be eligible to add an imprint to their membership, in partnership with Bindery. Invite your members into the creative process, elevate the voices of new authors your community loves, and earn book royalties when the books you publish hit shelves. The best part? Your authors earn over 2x the royalties of a traditional house.

You Earn: 50% of subscription revenue + 25% of royalties on book sales + 100% of affiliate revenue

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A Branded Publishing Imprint

Tastemaker Impact on Publishing


BookTok drove sales of 90M copies in 2022

Source: The Bookseller


In 2023, BookTok hits are selling 43% over 2022

Source: Vox

For me, it’s always about how I can make this community even closer. This is one of the coolest opportunities, genuinely.

I get to publish authors who have not had a lot of shine. I’m always trying to lift these talented people up.

I love the ability to be fully creative with extended content.